August 9, 2022

Why Do So Many Bakers Use Kosher Salt?

Morton iodized salt was the only salt that we used growing up. As a teenager, I discovered a whole new world when I began cooking more often. As I walked through the grocery store aisles, I was amazed at the variety of salts available, including sea salt, Himalayan pink salt and kosher salt.

Each salt has its own unique shapes and sizes. You may wonder if these differences are really important in baking. What makes kosher salt so popular? Continue reading to learn more!

Salt is crucial for baked goods

Baking is a complex process that requires salt. Salt enhances the taste of bread by enhancing the texture and strength of the dough.

What is Kosher Salt?

Kosher salt, a salt with a coarse texture that doesn’t contain iodine, is a form of salt. Kosher salt is the original name. It comes from the Jewish practice of salting meats to remove any blood. These coarse crystals were perfect for the kashering process. However, kosher salt manufacturing practices may or not be regulated by any religious standards.

Because it does not contain any metallic additives, kosher salt is considered to be purer than table salt.

Kosher Salt’s Advantages

Kosher salt is a good choice for cooking because it has a larger salt flake and is coarser than table salt. Cooks will find it easier to see how much salt has been added to a dish due to the uneven texture of kosher salt.

Table salt, on the other hand is coarsely ground and compacted making it difficult to gauge the seasoning accurately.

What do Bakers Think About Kosher Salt

To find out if kosher salt has any potential benefits, I looked through several cookbooks. Michelle Lopez of Weeknight Baking : Recipes to Fit your Schedule writes that kosher salt is preferred for its larger crystals which are difficult to confuse (like I did once when I was trying to remember a recipe).

Stella Parks writes in BraveTart : Iconic American Desserts that “I have a small kitchen and a smaller pantry so I don’t have enough space for all kinds of salt.” A dish of kosher sea salt is something I love to use when I cook. I also reach for it when baking. Similar reasons were found in different articles and cookbooks. Many bakers emphasized the ease of using the same salt to cook and bake; others mentioned that they dislike the taste of table salt.

Is there any scientific advantage to using Kosher Salt in Baking

There are many benefits to using kosher sea salt in cooking. But what about baking? Stella Parks writes BraveTart. Iconic American Desserts. Stella explains the effects of anticaking salts on baking. “Most brands contain yellow prussiate (aka sodium ferrocyanide) as an anticaking ingredient, which can cause problems in candy production by interfering in crystallization. Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt is the only salt that doesn’t contain these additives.

Due to the geometry of these salts a cup table salt will be significantly more salty than kosher salt. To reduce the risk of oversalting foods, you may want to use a lighter and less salty salt, especially when measuring volume.

These are just a few of the many scientific benefits that kosher salt has in baking. Table salt dissolves faster, according to some bakers. While many believe that table salt can have an unpleasant taste, Cook’s Illustrated testers found no difference in the taste after it was dissolved.

Do I use Kosher Salt for Baking?

My research shows that there are no significant scientific benefits to using kosher salt instead of table salt for most baking purposes.

However, there are many other benefits to using kosher salt.

It isn’t easy to store and buy many salts. Kosher salt is more suitable for cooking and baking. It can also be visually distinguished from sugar to avoid any confusion. You can bake with one type of salt and stick to it.

What about finishing salts?

Flaky sea salt is another valuable salt that’s worth mentioning. Flaky salts can be used to top baked goods like bread and chocolate chip cookies. These crunchy, large crystals can add texture and flavor to your dishes.

How can I substitute Kosher Salt for table salt in baking?

These rules will allow you to substitute table salts for kosher salt:

1 Tablespoon of table salt equals 1 1/2 Tbsps Morton Kosher Sal OR 2 Tbsps Diamond Crystal Kosher Salz